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A singer by passion and profession since 1990, self-taught, 

Régine GESTA began her career as a singer in variety orchestras 
as well as in Jazz, Funk and World Music groups. 

She quickly became interested in improvisation thanks to quality
musicians who gave her the pleasure of sharing and creating 
her own music. 

Curious, influenced by all kinds of music, 
she will push her research further and discover 
the pleasure of using sung onomatopoeias. 

In 1999, she created her first vocal group TRIBAL VOIX, 
whose repertoire is composed solely of onomatopoeias.

Young audience show

With Sophie LE MORZADEC ,

and Abdelak LAKRAA,

In the TRIBAL VOIX tribe, there are three of them, and they dream of travel. The singing voice and onomatopoeia are their means of expression, but they have things to say. For them everything is precious, the Earth, the Sky, Nature, Respect for Cultures and Living Beings, so they express it, they play, they sing, they speak, they slam, they improvise, they share, their onomatopoeic music is generous and interactive. Curious, complicit, their voices wander in acoustic and natural registers, as well as in creative sound worlds, vocal only, enriched with loopers and effects pedals. An A Cappella Journey that is both dynamic and playful, dreamlike and poetic, which awakens children's curiosity and creativity.

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from 1999 to 2023

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"It's an atypical, unexpected and at the same time breathtaking show that the group, sorry the tribe (that's how the trio qualifies) Tribal Voix offered ... No musical instrument, no lyrics and yet beautiful melodies come out from the lips of Sophie, Régine and Hervé ... These are only vocal and gestural performances that we were able to taste ... These singers say they have fun like crazy and it shows. Well done Tribal Voix, it was great! "

La Dépêche 28/09/2019 par Serge BECHARD

“I admit it, the trio fooled me! So much vocal much much mastery... It’s a magical performance! Here “onomatopism” is king, the fingers give rhythm, the clicking of the tongue becomes's beautiful and simply moving..."

Eric ROMERA-Journal INTRAMUROS-March 2019

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"VOYAGE A Cappella 
from choral singing to vocal creation"
Volume 1 

was released in June 2011 
by Editions FUZEAU. 
Best seller since 2012

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Volume 3 for childrens
"Voyage A Cappella" 

"Sound's Songs  and
vocal accompaniments for Slams"


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Nouveau Duo



à la guitare

An original and warm universe, no words, but melodies and sharing.

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